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We’d like to update you about some changes we made to the addPod site today, in particular the addition of a brand new FAQ section and a Flattr button for the generous of you.

After recieving lots of emails with very similar questions, we began to feel the need for a Frequently Asked Questions section on our website – which has now become reality. Most of our users’s questions are answered there, so it’s the best place to check if you have a question relating to one of our apps (currently only JuicePhone).

Secondly, we’ve restructured the JuicePhone site a little, by reorganizing some parts, adding the release dates to every JuicePhone version (as requested by a user) and, most importantly, placing a Flattr button at the bottom. In the past, we’ve never accepted donations for our work, mainly because we’ve had some plans for paid iOS applications. We haven’t ceased to pursue these, but our lives have been sort of overwhelming us in the last few months, leaving us with little time for our project/company. Keeping the site up, especially with all those downloads, isn’t that cheap, as we also have to pay our Mac / iOS Developer Program member fees, so we were wondering if we could give our users the ability to support us a little financially. We’re certainly not begging for donations (!) and JuicePhone will remain free of charge for everyone, but if you enjoy our app and want to give us back a tiny ”Thank you!’, well, now you can ;)

Oh, and last, but not least, THANK YOU for an incredible amount of 80.000 downloads! You rock!

Written by Jona

April 10th, 2011 at 1:47 am

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