One hundred thousand – an Astonishing Number

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JuicePhone has reached 100.000 downloads. Wow. We wouldn’t have thought we would hit such a number when we originally released JuicePhone 2.0 about 16 months ago, so all we can say is:

Thanks for your support!

Yes, thanks for your support and for making JuicePhone such a success! Thanks for downloading it, thanks for contacting us and giving us feedback, thanks for donating, and simply thanks for using and enjoying it. That’s a lot of ‘thank yous’, but this whole project has been an incredible experience from the very start, and that’s because of your support. So those ‘thank yous’ are appropriate. Thank you :)

As a little bonus, we’re ‘releasing’ a small tool which we originally whipped up for a user of ours. Remember the mirroring feature we released with the latest update of JuicePhone? Although its main purpose is the shorter extraction time and less disk space usage, it gives you the possibility to directly modify files in a backup. The problem is, some of the files inside a backup are protected by previously-generated hash values (the backup will not restore if these hashes are detected to be wrong), and JPHashChecker can fix those for you. With its help, you can edit files inside a backup and be sure that your modified backup will actually restore without any errors. The application is extremely “quick ‘n’ dirty” and not polished at all, but it should do its job. We don’t know how useful this will be to you, but if you’d like to use it, here you go. Download


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July 23rd, 2011 at 6:14 pm

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